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The Emeritus Art Collection

The Emeritus College joined with the College of Public Programs in 2006 to establish the Emeritus Art Collection and Exhibit, which are kept in the Public Programs offices on the Downtown Phoenix ASU campus. The collection contains more than 280 paintings by 16 artists, all of whom are living or deceased members of the Emeritus College.

An open house celebrating the Emeritus Art Exhibit occured on November 2, 2006, in conjunction with the Phoenix Friday Art Walk. The collection is on permanent display in the School of Public Affairs on the 4th through 6th floors of the 411 Building on Central Avenue. There have been several Friday Art Walk receptions, and most of the exhibit is available daily to walk-in viewers. A collection of 9 X 12" high resolution glossy prints of works from the initial collection are available for purchase from the Emeritus College.

The Emeritus Art Collection was established in 2006 by then Dean of the College of Public Programs, Debra Friedman, along with Founding Dean Richard Jacob of the Emeritus College. Dean Friedman left in 2011 to become Chancellor of the University of Washington, Tacoma. Sadly, Debra Friedman passed away in January, 2014. A collection of art including several pieces from the Emeritus Collection has been dedicated to her memory. The Emeritus College will always treasure its friendship with Dean Debra Friedman and remember the support she gave to its activites during its formative period.