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ISEF - AZ Preparation Program


The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is the world’s largest and most prestigious pre-college exhibition in the world, with approximately 1800 projects from 80 countries competing for over $5 million in awards. ISEF showcases the world’s brightest students and provides a unique opportunity for their projects to be judged by professional scientists and engineers. Participation in this annual event usually makes a significant impact on the students and their choice of career paths. The ISEF-Arizona (ISEF-AZ) Preparatory Program created in 2013 by the Emeritus College at Arizona State University has been designed to help the 25-30 Arizona students selected to attend ISEF excel at this level of competition.

The Program incorporates training, prejudging and judging components in a half-day session. The students provide abstracts of their projects in advance of the Program for the judges to review. Judges in the Program include Emeritus College members, Arizona State University faculty and corporate personnel. This Program provides Emeritus College members with personal contact with the next generation of innovators in Arizona as well as with other judges. The College has also established a close working relationship with the three ISEF-affiliated fairs in Arizona, and several Emeritus College members serve as judges at these fairs. A new partnership has been created between the Emeritus College and the Arizona Science Center which allows greater public awareness of this unique Program. The University is also benefiting from this Program by having direct recruitment access to the top students in the state.

The Emeritus Collge ISEF-AZ Program received a 2018 inaugural Innovation Award from the Association of Retiree Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE). This Award is based upon the novelty, documented success, replication potential by retirement organizations, and overall impact on retireesw and others.

The Program Coordinator is William Glaunsinger, Emeritus Professor in the School of Molecular Sciences and Assistant Dean of Sciences and Professions in the Emeritus College. For further information or to inquire about becoming a judge, please contact williamglaunsinger@yahoo.com.