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Membership in the Emeritus College is available to those who have received emeritus status upon retiring from Arizona State University.

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Associate Membership is available to retired college and university faculty who have received official emeritus status from their former institution if it has accreditation standards similar to ASU's. Associate Members enjoy most of the benefits and opportunities that are offered to Members.

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Dean Emeritus Len Gordon (1935 - 2015)

It is with a deep sense of loss that we memorialize here our former Dean and one of the founders of the Emeritus College, Prof. Len Gordon, who passed away unexpectedly Wednesday, March 4, 2015.

Len Gordon lecturing at the Ninth Annual Emeritus College Symposium

As we knew him best, doing what he loved doing most, other than playing center field.

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The Emeritus College is an official unit within the Provost's Office of Arizona State University whose members are retired ASU faculty who have been awarded emeritus status.

The purpose of the Emeritus College is to give a home and a focus to continued intellectual, creative and social engagement of emeritus faculty with the University.

The Emeritus College fosters and promotes the scholarly and creative lives of its members, prolonging fruitful engagement with and service to the University and the Community.

The Emeritus College provides the University a continued association with productive scientists, scholars and artists who have retired from their faculty positions but not from their disciplines.

Emeritus College members assemble for their monthly colloquium.

The Emeritus College has its home in Old Main.