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Membership in the Emeritus College is available to those who have received emeritus status upon retiring from Arizona State University.

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Associate Membership is available to retired college and university faculty from other colleges and universities who have received official emeritus status from their former institution if it has accreditation standards similar to ASU's. Associate Members enjoy most of the benefits and opportunities that are offered to Members.

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Have you moved lately? Changed your telephone number or email address? We would hate to lose touch with you. Please let us know your new contact information by filling out the on-line form linked below:

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Paul Burgess holds forth at a Short-Talk Luncheon

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Contributions to the Emeritus College Endowment Fund can be made at the following ASU Foundation for a New American University link.

Welcome to the Emeritus College
at ASU

The Emeritus College is an
Opportunities Exchange
for Retired Scholars, Teachers and Artists.

"You can't retire from what you are."


The Emeritus College is an official unit within the Provost's Office of Arizona State University whose members are retired ASU faculty who have been awarded emeritus status.

The purpose of the Emeritus College is to give a home and a focus to continued intellectual, creative and social engagement of emeritus faculty with the University.

The Emeritus College fosters and promotes the scholarly and creative lives of its members, prolonging fruitful engagement with and service to the University and the Community.

The Emeritus College provides the University a continued association with productive scientists, scholars and artists who have retired from their faculty positions but not from their disciplines.

A Place and a Purpose

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Literary Musicale

Thursday, May 5, 2016
1:00 pm 
Emeritus College Center
Old Main, Room 130

Now is the time for members to find their favorite sheet music, look for those forgotten poems and stories, write new ones, or show us their artwork! Put in some practice time and bring these hidden gems to share with others who will enjoy and appreciate your efforts. ‘Informal’ and ‘fun’ are the key words to describe the musical and literary ("Litmus") afternoons at the Emeritus Center.

All members, including friends and family, are warmly invited to attend this friendly, collegial afternoon of musical selections and literary readings. Expect to enjoy a delightful potpourri of talent from your peers. The Emeritus College will provide refreshments following the program.

If you would like to participate with a reading or performance, please contact Linda Stryker at Those wishing simply to be in the audience are also welcome.

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Emeritus Voices #16 Now on Line

The Spring, 2015, issue of Emeritus Voices is now on line for all to read. It features a restrospective of the first ten years of Emeritus College history by Founding Dean, Dick Jacob, as well as memories and appreciations of the College by several members. The issue also includes an interview with Professor Emeritus David Berman about his new book, George Hunt: Arizona's Crusading Seven-Term Governor. Additonal poetry, fiction, articles, reviews and artwork make this issue a delightful read.

The Emeritus College has its home in Old Main.

Come by and have a cup of coffee.

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Emeritus College Colloquium

Wednesday, April 20

Fulton Center
2:00 PM

University Professor Sally Kitch
Director of ASU Institute for Humanities Research

"About Them Without Them: Why Afghan Women Matter"

Professor Sally Kitch will discuss her reasons for writing Contested Terrain: Reflections With Afghan Women Leaders (University of Illinois Press, 2014), which features the fascinating and dangerous life experiences and political perspectives of two of Afghanistan’s most outstanding women leaders.  In addition to sharing the women's stories, Kitch will discuss the continued importance of the status and prospects of Afghan women to American citizens and policy makers.

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Emeritus College members assemble for their monthly colloquium.

Service Opportunities
in the Emeritus College

Members of the Emeritus College are always welcome around the College Center (Old Main 102) to assist in administering the College's many programs. If you are interested in serving in any of the following capacities, please contact Dean Bill Verdini.

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           University Emeritus Policy
           Emeritus Faculty Fellowship
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