Membership Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Regular members retain voting membership in the ASU Academic Senate.
  • Regular and associate members may participate in the college programs, such as joining the writing group, teaching in lectures and courses of the Academy for Continued Learning, seeking scholarly support through the Research and Creativity Grants program, mentoring through the Undergraduate Research Internship program and the Barrett Emeritus Fellowship.
  • Members also have access to intellectual and creative outlets, among them the Emeritus College journal Emeritus Voices, short-talk luncheons, Emeritus College colloquia, literary musicales, and the Annual Emeritus College Symposium.
  • Members are able to apply for emeritus tuition waiver and conference travel assistance.
  • Members are also able to apply for long-term use of Emeritus College study space.

 Interested in the additional benefits available to members of the Emeritus College?

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