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Emeritus Status at ASU

Emeritus status is a requirement for membership in the Emeritus College at ASU. For Regular Membership, the emeritus status must have been granted by Arizona State University. For Associate Membership, it must have been awarded by the post-secondary institution from which the applicant has retired. However, Emeritus College membership is not automatic; it must be applied for. 

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Benefits of Emeritus College Membership 

Additional benefits are available to members of the Emeritus College.

  • ASU Emeriti/Emeritae retain voting membership in the ASU Academic Senate.
  • Regular and Associate Members of the College are eligible to participate in the many College programs, such as the Writing Group, teaching in the Lectures and Courses program of the Academy for Continued Learning, scholarly support through the Research and Creativity Grants Program, mentoring possibilities associated with the Undergraduate Research Internship Program and the Barrett Emeritus Fellowship, and several others.
  • Intellectual and creative outlets such as the College journal, Emeritus Voices, Short-Talk Luncheons, Emeritus College Colloquia, Literary Musicales, the Annual Emeritus College Symposium and many more.

Applications for membership are available on the home page of this web site.

The Awarding of Emeritus Status at ASU

For ASU’s policy regarding emeritus status, including information about benefits, please see ACD 607-01 in the ASU Academic Affairs Manual. Please note: Although it is not necessary to be a member of the Emeritus College to enjoy emeritus status benefits, the staff of the Emeritus College stands ready to assist in obtaining and activating them. Contact the Emeritus College as soon as possible upon being awarded emeritus status.


Emeritus Status Process

For information about how to request emeritus status, please see P23, Process Guide for Emeritus Status.  For questions about the process, each faculty member or academic professional should contact his or her academic unit.