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The Academy for Continued Learning serves to connect our members with the community at large.  It provides for continuing our professional interests and creative efforts at the same time as we offer the public the means to life-long learning, the key to a healthy and active mind.  It is also an important outreach effort on behalf of ASU, giving ASU and the College visibility and good will.  The  lectures, performances, workshops and courses offered are listed in the annual Guide to Lectures and Courses, which is distributed to nearly 180 community organizations and groups in the Valley of the Sun.

Lecture, workshop and course topics are of an academic nature and at an approximate level of an introductory general studies class.  They may be scheduled by any interested organization by contacting the Emeritus College at 480-965-0002. Courses, usually consisting of three or four 90-minute lectures, are presented on a fee basis to be negotiated between the instructor and the organization.  Single lectures listed in the Guide are usually offered gratis.

Add your name to the Cadré of Emeritus College Lecturers

We invite you to join us in sharing our interests. Any member of the Emeritus College is invited to submit a lecture, performance, workshop or a course for inclusion in the next  Guide to Lectures and Courses.  Please describe any new offering by submitting online one of the application forms below.

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See this year’s Guide to Lectures and Courses.