Dean's Message

Mark LussierWelcome to the Emeritus College at Arizona State University

Thank you for finding your way to the website of the Emeritus College at Arizona State University. I post this message as the new Dean of the college, and I thank both the Advisory Council and Search Committee members for offering such an opportunity—to paraphrase William Wordsworth—of leading such an ‘august company’ of researchers, scholars, staff and teachers. I take up these duties with a charge to reopen our diverse operations and serve our sizable membership to fullest capacity post-pandemic, while being mindful that our current endemic state must be heeded, not denied. This initial mission is underway, with steps already taken to assemble college members in early spring for our first event since the days of COVID. This gathering will perform two functions, restoring crucial social functions lost during the shutdown while allowing our membership to engage directly with initiatives unfolding across the university and the communities that surround our ‘university in many places’. At a recent meeting of university leadership, I described the creation of the Emeritus College as “une bonne idée,” a fine idea that rewards those in long service to the university while providing opportunities to extend their work in new directions.


Mark Lussier
Dean, Emeritus College