Barret Emeritus Fellowship

The Emeritus College and Barrett, the Honors College at ASU have partnered to support the Barrett Emeritus Fellowship. Each year, a member of the Emeritus College will be in residence at Barrett, teaching one 3-hour course, mentoring select Barrett students and lecturing. The Barrett Emeritus Fellowship award includes a $3,500 teaching stipend from Barrett, dining vouchers for the Barrett cafeteria, and $3,000 Research and Creativity Grant.

The Barrett Emeritus Fellowship is awarded through competitive application. Applications must include a proposal for an Emeritus College Research and Creativity Grant and a proposal for a course that could be offered to Barrett students. Acceptability of the RCG proposal will be evaluated by the Emeritus College Research and Creativity Grants Committee. Candidates’ acceptable proposals will be forwarded to Barrett, where the Fellowship awardee will be selected based on the suitability of a proposed course.

RCG-BEF Program Policies and Application Form