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Emeritus Voices is the literary and scholarly Journal of the Emeritus College at Arizona State University. The Journal is intended for the expression, edification, and enjoyment of members of the Emeritus College and others through fiction, non–fiction, memoir, essay, poetry, scholarship, review, photography, graphic arts, etc., exploring all facets of creativity, scholarship and life experience.

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Editorial Board

Richard (Dick) Jacob

Advisory Board
Per Aannestad (2020)
Mathew Betz (2019)
Jeannie Brink (2019)
Anthony Gully (2020)
Randel McCraw Helms (2019)
Sarah Hudelson (2020)
Mary Marzke (2019)
Alleen Nilsen (2020)
John Reich (2019)
Stephen Siek (2020)
Don Sharpes (2020)
Harvey Smith, Chair (2019)
JoAnne Tongret (2019)

Past Editors
Cordelia Candelaria
Alleen Nilsen
Charles Brownson
Eric vanSonnenberg