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Emeritus Voices | No. 9



ASU & Emeritus College

Editor's Note | Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

In Memoriam | Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

Emeritus Voices pays tribute to a gifted writer and dedicated friend of the college

Deanna Stover | Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

A glimpse of the Emeritus College's print and web designer; lucky for us . . .

Out of the Dark | Helen E. Nebeker, PhD

Tenacity and Justice triumph—for a talented academician

Faith in God

Introduction| Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

Emeritus Voices presents fourteen views on a profound topic as exists—faith in God


Evangelical Christian Theology| Michael S. Moore, PhD


My Lutheran Perspective on Faith | Barry Ritchie, PhD


A Journey of Faith | Frances W. Thurber, PhD, RN, FCN


The Old Woman Continues | Frances New, MFA


Some Personal Notes on Faith | Bettie Anne Doebler, PhD


Inspired Faith | Santos C. Vega, PhD, OPL


On Faith | Richard J. Jacob, PhD


What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe: A Sketch | Stephanie deLuse, PhD

Jehovah's Witness

Faith and the Coptic Orthodox Christian Church: From a Father and Son| Michael Mamlouk, PhD & Mark Mamlouk, MD


Other Beliefs

What is Faith in God in Judaism? | Bernard M. Van Emden, MS, Baruch Ben Yaakov


Atheism: A Clarification| Mary Laner, PhD


Is Buddhism Atheism? | Huaiyu Chen, PhD


God and Faith: An Individual Hindu Perspective |Joyotpaul Chaudhuri, PhD


Faith in God in the Bahá’í Religion| Tammy Phan, BA & Bryn Higgins, MA



The Osborn Post Office| W. Walsh Doane, PhD

The author portrays how logic doesn't always prevail

Moonlight Serenade| Richard J. Jacob, PhD

Music, women, and 'boys will be boys' back in Utah


Of Crows and Time Past | Bettie Anne Doebler, PhD

Quem Quaeritis | Bettie Anne Doebler, PhD

A Blessing | James Masao Mitsui, MA

The Treasures in My Sister's Backyard in San Jose | James Masao Mitsui, MA



Postcard from Bali| Donald K. Sharpes, PhD

Our 'guide' continues our round the world excursions with him


Haiku & Non-Haiku| Linda Stryker, PhD

Two Haikus by a Small Girl in Japan| Deanna Stover, BA

A Beautiful Day Begins & The Visitor | Mary Laner, PhD

Blindness| Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

Short Stories

The Red Grenade| Stanley E. Smith, MPE

The final treatise by a great friend of Emeritus Voices

The Barber Shop | Robert Green, MD

Doin's in "Southernese"

Roger | Charles Brownson, MFA, MLS

We are treated to a short story in this triumphant return of the pioneering editor of Emeritus Voices


Jerry Buley, PhD

Beatrice Gordon, MA

Tawni Abraham, BA

Eric vanSonnenberg, MD


Dialogue, Part I: Can Nurses and Physicians Overcome Old Roles and Relationships?| Elaine Katzman, PhD, RN

A passionate nurse highlights the virtues and essential role of nursing

Dialogue, Part II: A Physician's Perspective on Nursing | Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

A physician agrees, and recognizes the importance of nurses

Green Lady | Portia S. Choi, MD, MPH

CT Scans of Abdominal Trauma | Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

Un Poquito Español

Borders| JoAnn Y. Tongret, Professor of Practice-School of Music

A glimpse of una familia española

Adònde Van? | Linda Stryker, PhD

Whither Do They Go? (Translation) | Linda Stryker, PhD

Book Review

Trial By Fear| Carl E. Silver, MD

Darker Days in America vis-à-vis communism

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