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Jerry Buley, PhD

Snoopy in the Snow

Beach Ribs

Reflection on Water

Len GordonJerry Buley, PhD

Jerry Buley was born in a little Central Illinois town where he grew up riding a bicycle delivering newspapers to make enough money to buy a camera, a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye (with flash). He spent most of his years as a communication professor at Arizona State University until he retired in 2005 to move to Sedona. Since moving to Sedona, Buley has received multiple prestigious awards for his photography. His photography has been published online and in journals, and is in galleries in both Mexico and the United States. His work lives in the home of many collectors. Several pieces are in permanent exhibition at Arizona State University. Jerry also provides pro-bono photography for various non-profit agencies. After being in Sedona for several years, Buley started a professional artist organization called SAGA (Sedona Area Guild of Artists). Buley is honored to display his art with some of the best artists in Sedona, if not the world.