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Emeritus Voices | No. 10



ASU & Emeritus College


Editor's Note | Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

Our New Print and Graphic Designer| Eric vanSonnenberg, MD

Sports and Society

Introduction| Leonard Gordon, PhD

Courting Success and Realizing the American Dream| Christine Marin, PhD

Arizona's mighty Miami High School championship basketball team of 1951 influences a whole community

Seven-Come Eleven| James Odenkirk, PhD

The fledgling state of Idaho and its unlikely role in the early careers of baseball luminaries Walter Johnson and Branch Rickey


Letter From Valetta| Donald Sharpes, PhD

More exotica from our geographical tour guide

Field Research-The Human Side| Mathew Betz, PhD

Excerpts from the Journals of Kenneth Hall

Excerpts from VIP: Volunteer In Parks| Ernie Stech, PhD

One man's love affair with a National Park

Lessons Learned from an International Habitat for Humanity Build | William Glaunsinger, PhD

A great experience and a great cause conjoin


Jerry Buley, PhD

Reflections, Thoughts, and Musings

Of Myths and Miracles| Harvey A. Smith, PhD

A mathematician piques our minds about science and miracles

Meditation and the Mind| Linda Stryker, PhD

A practicing meditator makes the case

Testament from a Meditator| Anonymous

Quite convincing!

On Silence| Ernie Stech, PhD

One picture is worth a thousand words


Requiem for John| Bettie Anne Doebler, PhD

My Metamorphosis| Bettie Anne Doebler, PhD

Reflections: When Poetry Gets Superseded by Robotics | James Masao Mitsui, MA

Trapped animal, homage to the right brain | Linda Stryker, PhD

Life-Threatening Medical Emergencies

Eric vanSonnenberg, MD


Growing Old in a Primitive Culture vs. Growing Old in a Capitalistic Culture|Alleen Pace Nilsen, PhD and Don L. F. Nilsen, PhD

Book Review

A Dangerous Occupation| Carl E. Silver, MD

Fascinating inside information and hazards about the highest office in our land

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