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Emeritus College Public Courses, Workshops, Lectures and Performances

Guide to Lectures and Courses 2020 - 2021

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The Emeritus College provides lectures, performances, workshops and courses to the community through the  Academy for Continued Learning. A listing of available courses, workshops and lectures offered by the Emeritus College is given in the above Guide to Lectures and Courses. (Simply click on the cover illustration.). Lectures, performances, workshops and courses may be scheduled by any interested organization by contacting the Emeritus College at 480-965-0002. 

Seniors from the community participate in an Emeritus College short course sponsored by ASU Osher Foundation

Below Are Some Examples of the more than 100 Course, Performance, Workshop and Lecture Presentations Available

*“The Accelerating Universe: Inflation, Dark Matter and Dark Energy” (L)
*“Exoplanets: Thousands of New Worlds” (L)
*“Target Earth: Asteroids, Comets and Near-Earth Objects” (L)
*“Black Holes: The Most Mysterious Objects” (L)
*“Solar Superstorms: The Risks of Space Weather” (L)
*“E.T. - Where Art Thou?” (L)
“Vemork: The Power Plant Behind the Race for the Atomic Bomb” (L)
*“Politics, Labor and The War on Big Business in Arizona, 1890–1920” (L)
* “Campaign Finance: What to Do About Dark Money: The Right to Know, Free Speech,
and Playing Whack-a-Mole” (L)
*“Brain Development and Ageing” (L)
* “Your Brain” (C)
* “Art Appreciation Through Neuroscience” (L)
*“Economics and Religion with Examples from the Early Catholic Church” (L)
* “The Economics of Almost Everything” (C- 2 or 3 sessions)
*“The Income-Wealth Gap Between the Rich and the Rest” (L)
* “Ancestral Puebloan People and Their Homeland and Migration” (L)
* “Beethoven - Man of Mystery” (L)
* “The Hopi” (L)
* “The Life and History of George F. Handel” (L)
*“Chaco Canyon” (C)
*“The Apache” (C)
* “The American Music of Aaron Copland and Ferde Grofe” (L)
* “J.S. Bach—His Music as it Relates to his Life” (L)
*“A History of Pioneer Arizona” (L, C - 4 sessions)
* “A Look at the Traditions and Customs of the Ute People” (C - 2 sessions)
* “Ferde Grofe – A Presentation of the Grand Canyon Suite and Death Valley Suite” (L)
* “Anne Gilchrist: The Woman Who Loved Walt Whitman” (L)
*“Sex and Power in Shakespeare: Women, Wrath, and Worry: How Shakespeare Allots Power to Women” (L)
* “Siempre Fidel: In Castro’s Cuba, Why is the Engineer Driving the Bus?” (L)
* “Semana Santa Procesiones en Colombia” (L)
*“Los Villancicos de Iberoamericana: not just Christmas carols” (L)
*“Anticipating Fukushima: Fernald, Chernobyl and the Crisis of Authority” (L)
*“Whistle Blowers as Heroes: A Tribute to Studs Terkel” (L)
*“What is Political Risk?” (L)
* “Einstein’s Legacy” (L, C)
*“A Practical Introduction to General Relativity” (C)
* “The People and Physics Behind the Atomic Bomb” (C)
* “Modern Cosmology: The Big Bang and All That” (L, C)
*“Spooky Physics: Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Teleportation, and Quantum Computing” (C)
*“100 years of Quantum Physics” (C - 8 sessions)
*“An Intimate Evening at Stonehenge” (L)
*“Philip Roth at 80: Three Novels” (C)
*“First Things First – Time Management for Seniors for Fun and Effectiveness in Retirement” (W)
*“The National Debt: Facts and Opinions” (W)
*“Cuba Revealed: Our Trip to Cuba in 2016” (L)
* “Exploring Patagonia (Argentina and Chile) in 2018” (L)
* “The Dysfunction of the American Political System” (C)
*“Love and Sex in the Western World” (C)
*“Contemporary China” (C- 4 sessions)
* “Contemporary Cuba” (C)
* “Me-Too Humor as Enjoyed by Seniors” (L)
*“What Arizona Women Teachers Did for Frontier Arizona, and Vice-Versa” (L)
*“Television Humor: Evolution or Devolution?” (L)
*“Looking at Art through a Humorous Lens” (L)
* “Features, Functions, and Subjects of Humor” (L
* “The Indigenous Southwest as Mesoamerican’s Northern Frontier” (L)
* “Indian-Spanish Relations in the Greater Southwest” (L)
*“From Quarks to Cosmos” (L, C)
*“Should Intelligent Design be Taught in the Science Classroom?” (L)
*“Understanding Relativity - Einstein’s Theories made Relatively Simple” (C)
*“Literary Traditions in the Bible and Gospels” (C)
*“Islam and the West” (C)
* “Sacred Bull, Holy Cow: A Cultural Study of Civilization’s Most Important Animal” (C)
*“Outcasts and Heretics, Profiles in Independent Thought and Courage” (C)
*“THE NEW AGE OF THE CONFEDERACY, Trump and the Surge in National Disunity” (C)
* “Music from the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair: The Birth of “American” Musical Style” (L, C)
* “What is Mathematics About?” (C)
*“On Golden Spirals” (L)
* “Anniversary Appraisal of the Crimean Annexation” (C)
*“Russian Culture in Putin’s World” (C)
* What Do Diseases Look Like? Seen Through the Fascinating World of Radiology” (L, C)
* “How to Synchronize, Harmonize, and Optimize Your Relationship with Your Doctor” (L, C)
*“New Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment for Cancer” (L, C)
* “The Innovative Scholarly Program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine — Want to Mentor a Medical Student?” (L)